Saturday, July 7, 2007

KateModern: Who is Charlie?

I grew up in the Melbourne ‘burbs where I dated a few booooring guys who were such mincers. Since I’ve moved over seas to London I’ve let my hair down sooo much – probably a bit too much. Every Sunday I think I’m so over going out and then I do it all over again! What the hell you only live once, right? Here’s what I also think:

Girls can do everything boys can, but backwards with heels on...

(Oh, and NOOOOO the pics stuck up on the profile aren't me and Kate, I just thought they were wicked :)



Man I love music and dancing – I’m a dancin’ fool! Not everything I like is what is generally thought of as ‘cool’ but I reckon if it gets you’re heart thumpin’ THAT’s what’s cool! So I’m into Ozzie bands big and small as well as all sorts of stuff. Anyway here’s a random list: I’m in LOVE with the song 'Acceptable in the 80's' by Calvin Harris (Kate now hates it cos I’d played it to DEATH in the flat when I moved in – sorry Kate!), INXS, Radiohead, Daft Punk, The Claxons, The Killers, Razorlight, White Stripes, The Kooks, Jeff Buckley, Eskimo Joe, Powder Finger, Sneaky Sound System (hey they’re big in Sydney and have a cool animated video! If you’ve not heard of some of these guys – check ‘me out!

Sooo many! Here’s just a few – City of God, all weird docos like the one about the taxidermy competition in the US, stuff directed by Darren Aronofsky - Requiem For A Dream, Pi and The Fountain (stars Hugh Jackman who is a total spunk!) The Mothman Prophecy, IT, Candy Man and Donny Darko... also Candy (Australian film), The Little Mermaid and Fight Club (you can’t beat Brad Pitt ha ha). I love to scream really loudly so…Japanese stuff like Tetsuo, The Ring, Dark Water. Animation! Anime – Akira etc and especially anything by the Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki like Spirited Away.

Netball ha ha!

Sangas - My Favourite Sandwiches
I love food but cooking is so last year so the answer is sangas: Sausage, Vegemite and banana. The same on toast. Cheese on toast with LOADS of tomato sauce and pepper. Tomato sauce on everything - can't understand why people in London call it ketchup? Its tomatoes in a sauce form... DER!!!!)

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