Friday, July 13, 2007

KateModern Productions Q&A

After much stalking I managed to get KateModern Productions to answer some questions... *"Restraining order? Whats that?"*

GF: How did you go about selecting the actors for KM? Was it an open or closed audition?
KM: It was a closed audition

GF: Have you started filming yet?
KM: Yes, we started last Monday 9th July and it's going really well

GF: Had any of the actors heard of Lonelygirl15 before?
KM: All were familiar, but some more than others

GF: Tell us a bit about the characters
KM: You will learn all about them in the weeks to follow!!!
*Damn creators - secretive as always*

GF: We understand that KM will be posted first on Bebo and then on LG15.com. Does this mean that there will be a Revver account? Also will there be a youtube account?
KM: We are still working on the details for this
*Well hurry up! Is starts in 5 days!!!*

GF: On Lonelygirl15.com videos tend to be posted during "waking hours" in the States.Since the series take place in London will it take place in "UK time". (Meaning, can we expect to see video posts and character posts at times that would be expected for characters who live in the UK?)
KM: The series will run in UK time yes

GF: Will any action take place near the Tate Modern gallery
KM: Maybe :)
*That means yes*

GF: We heard that KM will involve ARG for fans. Will there be puzzles to crack? Will there be any drops?
KM: Yes, KateModern will involve ARG and there might be some drops

GF: Will there be any log available of the character interaction posts? (If these posts will in fact be used for plot development they will be important to the blog and LGpedia but as currently set up they might be hard to track.) Will an offical log be available and if so where?
KM: Isn’t that what you guys do?!?!
*oh dear... I see sleepless nights for GF ahead..*

GF: Has KM Productions heard of the dangers of orange slurpees and the number 436?
KM: Yes and yes and we take it very seriously

GF: Is this fanfic or part of the cast?(Gemma)
KM: Fanfic

GF: Is there going to be a link to Kate and Bree?
KM: If I told you that it would ruin all the fun....
*I also think this means yes..*

Stay tuned....

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