Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kate Says

Flying Ants Day
When I was a kid we had a white house and one day every July it would be covered with clouds of flying ants. On my way to the Post Office this morning I noticed they are everywhere - in the air, on the ground, people batting them away and pulling them out of their hair. It seems that today must be flying ants day. I wonder if they emerge, mate and die all in one day. Does any one know?

Thanks for all your comments again today. I slept badly again last night, keep having weird dreams.

Kate xxx

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astrid art said...

this is weird, i too have noticed this seems to happen once every summer, but no one else ever seems to recognize this either. i always seem to be in the pool on this day and am jolted from suburban comatose by these disturbing, dying, winged ants that descend en masse only to die and get carried away to their pre-eternity holding place that is the skimmer. the first time i noticed this i was probably a preteen and was very disturbed and felt that something was quite off, especially since no one seemed to notice or be bothered by this swarm, albeit brief. many, many years on, i am secretly happy to experience winged, ant day. i don't know why.