Friday, May 4, 2007

Welcome to KateModern

By now every Lonelygirl5 fan knows that the creators and Bebo.com have joined forces to make “Lonelygirl15 presents… KateModern,” a spin-off from the world’s most famous internet drama.

Set to premier this July KateModern is the story of a teenage university student in London trying her best to juggle a complex social life and "the dark forces that shadow her". The format will be almost the same as Lonelygirl. Fans will be able to post messages, exchange ideas, upload their own videos and take part in ARGs. The plan at the moment is for the characters to have profiles on Bebo where they blog, post photos and videos and interact with other users.

Will KateModern be as big a success as Lonelygirl15?

Stay tuned...

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